<strong> PALOUSE SPRING </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> In this little known area, on the eastern edge of Washington State, one of America's most fertile growing regions comes to life each spring.<br> Primarily know for producing wheat, The Palouse is a sparsely populated land of few fences and even less pavement.<br> I chose the panoramic format to accurately represent the vast scale of this flawless landscape. , <strong> PALOUSE BIBLICAL LIGHTING A </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> After a brief downpour the sky opened up and a shaft of sunlight worthy of a Cecil B DeMille epic illuminated the verdant farmland below.<br> , <strong>PALOUSE BIBLICAL LIGHTING B </strong> </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> A subtle landscape illuminated with technicolor lighting worthy of a Hollywood epic., <strong>PALOUSE ENDLESS ROAD </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> The endless gravel roads and wide open vistas make Washington's Palouse region very difficult to navigate. , <strong> PALOUSE WHEAT HARVEST </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> Harvest time in The Palouse region of Washington state delivers the same wide-open beauty as the springtime, but with a completely different color palette. , <strong>PALOUSE SCHOOL BUS </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> In this land of dramatic lighting the trip home for local school children is a stress-free commute., <strong>PALOUSE GRAVEL ROAD </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> With very few landmarks to guide you, it takes a local to identify exactly which road you're on. , <strong>PALOUSE ROLLING GREEN HILLS </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> For just a few seconds an opening in the clouds released sunlight so focused it seems to come from a giant spotlight., <strong>PALOUSE SUNSET WHEAT </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> From this elevated vantage point the day's last light brilliantly illuminates the golden wheat and the twisting farm roads. , <strong>PALOUSE GOLDEN SUNSET </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> As the day ends, the endless sea of green gives way to the overpowering glow from the setting sun., <strong>PALOUSE COLLAPSED BARN B </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> A lot of the images I captured in The Palouse have a painterly quality about them.<br> In this photograph it's more about the elements and odd composition rather than the color palette. , <strong>PALOUSE LONELY TREES </strong> - Moscow, Idaho <br/> In an endless sea of wheat, these two trees seem to be keeping each other company by gently holding imaginary hands. , <strong>PALOUSE ROLLING HILLS WITH FARM EQUIPMENT TRACKS </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> There is a uniformity about The Palouse landscape that makes every composition seem as though it was intentionally placed there just for me., <strong>PALOUSE FARM EQUIPMENT TRACKS IN WHEAT </strong> - Moscow, Idaho <br/> When viewed from above the tracks left by farm equipment reveal the seemingly endless job of harvesting. , <strong>PALOUSE ROLLING HILLS C </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> In this serene landscape the elements, color and composition have all combined to give this photograph a painterly quality. , <strong>PALOUSE WHEAT AND PINE FOREST </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> In this valuable landscape of wheat, property lines are often defined by rows of trees. , <strong>PALOUSE ROLLING HILLS A </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> There's only one sun which we all share here on earth but the lighting in the verdant region somehow seems to come from a special source. , <strong>PALOUSE ROLLING HILLS B </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> The variations of green become even more pronounced with the dramatic lighting this region seems to thrive on., <strong>PALOUSE WIND TURBINES AGAINST STORMY SKY </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> Like giant sentinels, these wind turbines add a surreal quality to the farming landscape., <strong>PALOUSE SOLITARY CLOUD </strong> - Palouse, Washington <br/> A lone cloud, separated from it's surrounding by a focused blast of light, signals the close of another day..