George Diebold - bio

Since opening his first studio in Montclair, New Jersey, George Diebold's career has spanned more than four decades creating conceptual images for hundreds of domestic and international clients.

His captivating, large-scale prints have been specified by America's leading interior designers and purchased by discerning individuals on a world-wide basis. 

Trained in the classical style of Renaissance painting by one of Life Magazine's foremost illustrators, and formally educated as an interior designer, George has continuously blurred the line between his commercial, personal and fine-art projects.

From a technical standpoint, George's commercial experience has allowed him the freedom to explore virtually any idea or subject matter he takes an interest in. His studio photography underscores his ability to work with multiple light sources and extract stunning, thought-provoking artwork from everyday objects.

In 2004 when he relocated his home and studio to the island of Kauai, George began to shift his concentration from man's creations to the natural world, specifically Hawaii and the ocean. It was in Hawaii where George ventured beyond the traditional boundaries of landscape photography, creating images which invite us to appreciate our surroundings from a unique perspective. He prides himself on being from the old school and relies exclusively on natural light and time of day to create his panoramic and location photographs.

Throughout his entire career George has never lost his fascination with graphic shapes, strong color and dramatic lighting. Whether in the studio or on location, his primary objective is to translate an idea into a compelling visual image.

George's work has been featured in numerous publications including Communication Arts, Graphis International, Studio Photography and Architectural Digest.

His images have been purchased by the majority of fortune 500 companies including Sony, AT&T, General Motors, Novartis, Microsoft and American Express.

George Diebold's work is part of the permanent collection of American Landscapes at The Montclair Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum and The Nelson Atkins Museum.

When he's not on the road shooting, George lives in New Hope, PA with his wife Lisa and English Bull Terrier, Luna.

George Diebold - artist statement

Working with the highest level interior designers and discriminating private collectors, I provide museum quality, photographic art for display in the finest environments.

Simply put, if you're in the market for a special piece of artwork that will captivate you and become the center of attention in your home, look no further.

A George Diebold print is what you want!

My stunning, large-scale, limited edition photographs are available to fulfill your artistic  desires and may be ordered in a variety of framing presentations.

I can be contacted via Email, text or voice to advise you on selecting an appropriate addition to your home or office.

Let's start a conversation. - George Diebold